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About Phyllis


With over 35 years of experience in domestic and criminal law, Phyllis K. Lonneman began her career as an attorney in 1982. Prior to entering the legal profession, Ms. Lonneman taught advanced courses in chemistry and biology at Eastern Kentucky University, Elizabethtown Community College, Northern Kentucky University and Simon Kenton High School for 14 years. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in biology and chemistry in 1969 and again Summa Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in 1974. She graduated Salmon P. Chase Law School at Northern Kentucky University with honors in 1982.

She has many published works in the fields of biology, chemistry and law. Most recently, her published works in law have included, "A Brave New World" and "Our Dirty Little Secret" for the Kentucky Association for Criminal Defense Attorneys publication. She has several reported cases in the area of domestic law that serve as the cornerstones for custody and property division. {Eiland v. Ferrell, Ky., 937 S.W.2d 713 (1997); Mennemeyer v. Mennemeyer, Ky., 887 S.W.2d 555 (1994); Squires v. Squires, Ky., 854 S.W.2d 765 (1993); Calloway v. Calloway, Ky. App., 832 S.W. 2d 890 (1992).}

Ms. Lonneman is a member of or admitted to practice before: the United States Court of Veterans Appeals; Kentucky Bar Association member; member of the Kentucky Bar Association Inquiry Commission, Criminal Rules Committee, and Ethics Committee; United States Federal District Court for the Western District of Kentucky; Board of Directors for the Hardin County Bar Associations; Chairperson of the Parent Education Clinic; United States Supreme Court; Just Solutions Mediator; Mediator for Family Court of Jefferson County; Teen Court Administrator for Hardin County.

Ms. Lonneman is a member of the following community organizations: Lions Club, Hardin County Schools "Helping Children Succeed", Hardin County Schools Mentor Program, Teen Court and Mock Trial Judge.